Tea Time

For homesteaders or those living a simpler lifestyle, tea time can still be a relaxing and enjoyable break in the day. It can be as simple as brewing a pot of tea and enjoying it with a biscuit or a piece of fruit while taking a break from the day's activities.

If you grow your own herbs or teas, you could make your own blend of tea, which could add an extra special touch to your tea time. Alternatively, you could use tea bags or loose leaf tea that you purchase from a store.

I remember having tea time with our kids when they were growing up. It was just a time to sit and talk with our family, while sipping a beverage and enjoying a light snack. Most days our snack consisted of a cracker spread with homemade butter. It is a special time remembered.

One of our favorite teas is mint tea. If you would like to try our recipe you can read more about it here.


Mint Leaves

The key to a simple tea time is to make it a time to relax and recharge. You could enjoy your tea time alone or with a friend or family member. It's a great opportunity to take a break from the day's work, reflect on the day so far, or plan for the rest of the day.