Homesteader Tips for Gathering Eggs

Hey there, fellow homesteaders! If you're raising chickens for fresh eggs, gathering them is one of the most fun and rewarding tasks you get to do. Here are some tips to make egg gathering a breeze:

First things first, establish a routine for egg collection. Chickens lay eggs every day, so make it a habit to collect them. 

Check for freshness by holding the egg up to a light and making sure there are no cracks or thin spots. Or, do the float test by putting the egg in a bowl of water - fresh eggs will sink, while older ones will float. For a more detailed of this in case you have an egg that you are doubtful about click on a previous article we wrote.

Make sure to keep the nesting boxes clean and filled with fresh bedding. This not only keeps the eggs clean, but it also helps prevent the spread of disease.

When it's time to store your eggs, make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place. You can even store them in your fridge if you have the space. Just remember to wash them before storing if you plan on giving them away or selling them.

Last but not least, treat your chickens with love and respect. They'll reward you with delicious eggs and all the entertainment you could ever ask for. Happy egg gathering!

Hens at Work on Gomez Family Farm