Chickens Around the Farm


Chickens are my favorite farm animals. Why? Because they require simple care and produce their egg bounty daily for our breakfast and baking needs. 

We have had chickens roaming around on our farm for 22 years. We are lucky that we have good farm dogs that keep hawks, owls, wolves, raccoons, and possums out of the barnyard and away from our farm animals. We have Great Pyrenees, which are good farm guard dogs and are very nurturing. Our dogs names are Parker and Güera. They love to be around farm animals and people. They are nocturnal by nature and do most of their work at night keeping our farm safe. Without our dogs we would not be able to have our free roaming chickens. To find out more if Great Pyrenees will make a great fit for your lifestyle click here

Back to our free roaming chickens. We believe our chickens are healthier because they are able to roam around the farm in search of insects to eat, as well as grasses, and sometimes if we are not too careful they will get in our garden and peck at our fresh ripened tomatoes. Their trek about the farm helps us to reduce their feed cost and it provides them with a rich organic diet. And it is this rich healthy organic diet that allows us to have healthy delicious eggs for our cooking and baking needs.

There are many types of chickens. We really have a mixed group, but you will see Javas which ours are black feathered, Orpingtons which are light brown, and Rhode Island Reds which are reddish dark brown. They all lay large brown eggs, which we absolutely adore. As you walk around our farm you will noticed that the most colorful chickens are the roosters. They are more colorful in order to attract females and to warn off other roosters. To get you inspired about chickens, you may want to click on the video below.

Our chickens are good at keeping our pest population down, and adding more fertilizer to the soil around the yard. We love seeing them at work throughout the day. We have a chicken coop that they sleep in at night and lay their eggs in during the day. Sometimes they decide not to lay their eggs there and we have to go hunting for them. Hens prefer to lay their eggs in protected locations from other chickens or even predators. Sometimes we will find them in our greenhouse, under the boat, or even in a large flower container. Whenever we have extra eggs we will sale them to our farm stay guests. Here are some chicken egg facts that you will find helpful.

Did you know that chickens are omnivores? Yes, they eat both meat and plants. Also chickens can fly, but only very short distances like over fences and up to low hanging tree branches. Chickens around the farm are great to observe. They get along with other animals such as our cows, dogs, and goats. Sometimes we will see them in the pig pens, which makes us cringe because pigs are known to have eaten a chicken when they are hungry. And as you know pigs are always hungry.

Homesteading is a lifestyle. Whether you are homesteading 50 acres, a suburban backyard, or a city balcony homesteading is providing a purposeful self-reliant life for yourself and family. Have a great homesteading day!

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