Growing Zucchini in the Garden

Zucchini is an easy plant to grow in the garden. It is so predictable of a grower that we often have children who visit our farm and school children we work with to plant it. They enjoy planting and we don't have to worry if they didn't plant it exactly perfect. Below is our zucchini growing currently in our garden. It's almost time to harvest some!

Zucchini Growing in My Garden

There are not many difficulties in growing zucchini plants. They are pretty hardy and resilient to weather conditions. If you are new to caring for zucchini plants, the video below will give you some guidance. 

Zucchini is also a prolific producer. Most often you will find yourself with much more zucchini than you and your family could possibly eat. Having too much zucchini is a great problem to have. Below are some ideas to do with your abundance of zucchini.

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Have a great zucchini growing and homesteading day!

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