3 Rules to Get My House Ready for Company

The holidays are coming and usually we'll have a house full of guests. We'll have family and friends over to visit as well as guests visiting our farm who are renting the cabin for a few days. In anticipation of that we've been doing a lot of deep cleaning lately. I've been cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and getting rid of just stuff that we don't use anymore. I have been decluttering and purging items that for some reason I have saved, but have never used. We also had a pile of things that were broken and needed to be fixed from almost 6 years ago. My thoughts is that if we haven't fixed it by now, we never will. So into the trash bin it went. 

It is hard to purge items because we are thrifty by nature, but having a clean home will be well worth it. I am the type of person who feels more productive and more relaxed in a clean home. I am the type of person who deep cleans room by room. I have been concentrating on the kitchen. It will take another week to get it all done, but I do work outside of the home, run a farm, and have a self-employment business as well. Little by little we will have it all done in time for the holidays.

I love listening to podcasts as I work, whether I'm cleaning, driving, or working in the garden. Podcasts help me to increase my knowledge in any area that I want to learn more about. The podcast topics that I listen to vary by what is the big topic currently in my life. When my thoughts turn to tax paying time at the end of the year, I listen to self-employment tax and retirement planning podcasts. When my thoughts turn to how to maximize the productivity of my farm, I am listening to homestead and farm podcasts. And now since I am deep cleaning and decluttering my home, I am listening to cleaning podcasts as I work. 

This is my current cleaning podcast that I am listening to at the moment, A Slob Comes Clean. I like it because it is realistic, even for a working family that can't spend a whole day cleaning the house. 

A Slop Comes Clean Podcast

Rule #1 to Get My House Ready for Company

The most important thing I've learned from this podcast is that I have to have a minimum daily must-do cleaning list even on my most hectic days. My personal minimum daily cleaning is to do a load of laundry and wash my dishes. In the morning, I unload the dishwasher and hang my laundry to dry on my outside laundry line. In inclement weather, I dry my laundry in the dryer. In the evening, I load the dishwasher and turn it on before going to bed. I also bring in the clothes from the laundry line, fold, and put them away. I then put in a new load of laundry to wash overnight. That keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and letting my house get too chaotic. 

Rules #2 and #3 to Get My House Ready for Company

Another big help to getting my house "company ready" is just decluttering. I read an article recently, The Best Decluttering Advice We’ve Heard, by HuffPost. From the article I learned to go through my house with two trash bags putting trash in one and things to give away in the other. I also learned to handle the papers that come into my house daily by immediately throwing out unwanted mail, putting important papers in an in-box folder to deal with later, and putting bills in my bill folder. That alone has made a big difference. You can read the full article here, The Best Decluttering Advice We’ve Heard

So my three big takeaways are:
1. Have a minimum daily must-do cleaning list even on my most hectic days.

2. Declutter my house and question the necessity of items that I bring into my house.

3. Immediately go through and file the mail and papers that come into my house.

 Have a great cleaning and homesteading day!

Enjoy the homestead life,

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