DIY Privacy Fence

We added privacy to our outdoor space by building our own privacy fence this past weekend. We needed a fence for both security and privacy. Privacy fences can offer a shield from the outside world and can bring solitude to your yard.

DIY Privacy Fence Near Grapevines

I had been wanting a privacy fence on our homestead for a while now. Our main goal was to keep an area of our yard hidden because it was our outside storage area. In this area we stored outdoor grade lumber, stone pavers, and tractor implements. All of these items can start looking a bit junky and disorganized, so we wanted to shield this area from the street traffic. Also we wanted a more secure area for the tractor implements.

There are lots of ways to build a privacy fence and a variety of materials one can be made out of. It really depends on your budget, time, and skill level. Our fence requirements really needed to be at little or no cost to us. Also I wanted the fence to accentuate the yard, but to also be sturdy. All our lumber was recycled lumber from our old coral fence we had before we installed our steel post fence. 

DIY Privacy Fence Made From Recycled Lumber

We placed the fence posts six feet apart. We then placed wood fence lumber in a horizontal position from one post to another. This is where we would screw the fence boards. We made two different board sizes. One was four feet and the other was five feet. We placed two four feet wood boards together leaving a small opening between each one. Next, we placed two five feet wood boards together leaving a small opening between each one. We then kept repeating the process until the fence was completed. The space between each board is up to you. We left a 1/4 of an inch spacing between each board.

DIY Privacy Fence Ready to be Painted

We painted it a color to accentuate the exterior of our home. Luckily we had paint left over from a couple of years back from our house painting chore, so we didn't have to spend money on paint. If you don't have paint, you can always ask around to your neighbors and friends to see if they had leftover paint they would like to get rid of. Another option would be to buy the "oops paint" from a local home building supply store. The "oops paint" is paint color that was not made to the exact color that a customer ordered. It was either mistinted or too much was made. You can buy "oops paint" at a discounted price. 

DIY Privacy Fence

The only money we spent on this fence was the cost of a box of screws! Hooray! Saving lumber and supplies from other projects can pay off!

Here is a video that shows you how to build a fence.

How to Build a Fence

Have an incredible homesteading day!

Enjoy the homestead life,

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  1. Your fence turned out great, and I love the you used recycled lumber! About a year ago, my husband and I got our fence redone by a local contractor since we both are older and have bad backs. The fence has held up well so far. We choose a featherlock slat fence to also give our home more privacy from our neighbors. Next time we need a new fence (hopefully not for a while), we might have to talk our son into doing a DIY project like this for us!

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