Paying a Poll Tax to Vote in Texas

While cleaning out a house that we have been remodeling, we came across several poll tax receipts. In order to vote in Texas you had to pay a tax called a poll tax. Part of the money went to the state's school fund, part to Texas, and another part to the county. If you were not able to pay the tax, you were not eligible to vote. 

Poll Tax Receipt

In reality this tax was a tax to help run the government. If you could not pay the tax, you would have to work off the debt by working on the county roads. Unfortunately, the poll tax kept many low income people from participating in voting. Finally, in the 1960s Texas got rid of this poll tax. Thank goodness that today we have the freedom to vote without having to pay. 

Nothing says truer independence than the ability to vote for your own government and living on a homestead. When we are talking about a homestead it could be a rural homestead, a suburban homestead, or even an urban homestead. You can have a micro-homestead or a full blown living off the grid homestead.  More and more Americans are becoming more self-reliant, depending on themselves and their set of skills and knowledge in order to succeed and thrive in today's world.

We must never quit learning skills that make us more independent. We must take care of ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our friends. We must do what is right for our towns, states, and our country.

Have an awesome homesteading day!

Enjoy the homestead life,

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