New Goat on the Homestead

 We already have a male Boer goat. He is as gentle as can be. He loves being petted and when he was younger, he loved being carried around like a baby. He hangs out with the sheep, but lately he has been feeling lonely. We decided to get him a female friend. We purchased her at Canton Flea Market. We paid $180 for her. She also is a Boer goat. Boer goat is popular for meat production.

Boer Goats

We are new to goats. We are trying to learn as much as we can about them. We found some helpful information that you might find resourceful as well.

Goat Behavior

Top 3 DEADLIEST Mistakes New Goat Owners Make

Our goal with the goats is to use them as part of our petting farm animals for our guests to our farm. We want them to be used to people and used to being petted. We get lots of visitors every week to our farm and they love feeding the animals and getting to know more about farming and homesteading. They will be a great addition for our farm.

Have a super learning about goats and homesteading day!


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