Harvesting Grapes

 The muscadine grape harvest came a few weeks late this year. How can we tell when to harvest grapes? There are a lot of indicators we look for. One, is the color of the grape. A few more clues of when it is time to harvest include the taste, and the plumpness of the grape.

Muscadine Grape Vines

 But the best indicator of all is when wildlife starts eating the grapes. When the wildlife starts eating the grapes, it is a race to the finish! It is our goal to gather as many grapes as possible before they eat it all! And that is exactly what we did this year!

Muscadine Grapes

Our pioneer and Native American ancestors foraged and cooked wild grapes and their leaves. In Texas wild grapes have grown naturally near rivers and streams for thousands of years. We grow three varieties of muscadine grapes. We grow Noble, Carlos, and Cowart. All of them delicious!

There are lots of ways to eat muscadine. We eat them fresh from the vine. We also make wine and jelly out of them. Here are some information on how we do it.

Muscadine Wine

How to Make Muscadine Wine

Muscadine Jelly

Have a fantastic harvesting grapes and homesteading day!


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