Canning Outdoors

 We love preserving our garden's bounty. Late summer is always a busy time for us. We have so much food that we have to harvest and preserve that the days seem so busy.

We have a fire pit that we built into our backyard patio near our kitchen. We use that fire pit for outdoor cooking over an open flame, dutch oven cooking, and preserving our food. We have canned tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and hot peppers over this open flame. We have even made jams and canned them over this same fire pit.

Outdoor Canning

Canning outdoors has some benefits. One main benefit is that we don't heat up our house on a hot summer day. Canning involves a lot of heat. We have to have a pot on one stove to sanitize the canning jars and lids. Another pot over heat to prepare the food being canned. And yet another pot over heat in which to place the filled jars to be canned. That is a lot of burners on producing heat. 

Outdoor Canned Pickled Cucumbers

Another great benefit of canning outdoors is that we feel a true connection with nature when we are working outdoors. We love being outdoors hearing the birds chirping and the rooster crowing. We get to see the cows in the pasture and the crops growing. We get to feel the breeze flowing through our outdoor canning kitchen and the shade of huge oak trees. We are outdoor people. 

Outdoor Canned Jalapenos

Our ancestors cooked outdoors daily. Well, actually they did more than cook outdoors. They also washed clothing outdoors, prepared soap, dried clothes, dehydrated foods, sewed clothing, and told stories of their histories. We have moved away from those traditions. It would be a blessing to bring some of those traditions back to our own homes and families.

Here are some outdoor canning recipes you might enjoy!

Pear Butter Made Over Outdoor Fire

Canning Tomatoes Outdoors

Making and Preserving Peach Butter Outdoors

Have a great outdoor canning and homesteading day!


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