Simple Countryside Table Flowers

There is nothing more cuter than a simple canning jar filled with countryside flowers and plant cuttings. It is a simple gathering of nature's bounty and beauty. A flower arrangement is perfect for the kitchen table, bedroom night stand, and an office desk. Fresh flowers and plant cuttings can instantly brighten the bleakest of rooms.

Roses, Rosemary, and Evergreen Shrub Cuttings from the Garden 

One of the great things about simple water filled glass jars is the country feel of it. The flowers do not have to be perfectly arranged or even have perfectly sculptured flowers. These relaxing and inviting flower arrangements are meant to bring joy into your heart and home.

Crepe Myrtle, English Ivy, and Euonymus Cuttings from the Yard

Flowers have a powerful pick-me-up quality. They can make your day brighter and make you feel better. So, I encourage you to take a walk in nature and find some simple branches and stems of plants and flowers to set in a jar of water. It will brighten up your room and make you feel better on the inside as well.

Wildflowers from the pasture and English ivy from the garden

Have a happy flower gathering and homesteading day!


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