Rub Some Dirt On It

I read a recent article titled, "Rub Some Dirt On It", written by Caitlin Wilson who is an editor for Grit Magazine. Here is the link for the article.

Caitlin's garden experience is being felt by us right now. The weeds and lack of rain is winning in our garden. We can't keep up with the abundance of weeds and the scarcity of rain no matter how much we cut grass, pull weeds, or irrigate the garden with water from the pond. We are losing the battle. We are hot and tired.

The saying, rub some dirt on it, means to us that we need to toughen up and plow right on through. But before we do that we always make a plan. If we don't see the big picture and map out our path to reach our goal, we can easily get off the path and get lost. We have never gotten steered wrong when we make out a plan and follow it. If you want to read more about our goal planning click here:

The best thing about goal setting is that it helps us identify potential problems and obstacles and allows us to come up with a plan to attack these setbacks. Having this plan, even though we are hot and tired, gets us back on track because we already knew what we needed to do to buckle down to achieve our goal. We had already developed a strategy if we came to this point.

Overgrown Pumpkin Field

We knew that this lack of rain and ostentatious weeds might be a problem. So, what is our plan to overcome this? 

Step 1: Harvest all the vegetables we can in this area for our food. We harvested all the cantaloupes, squash, okra, and pumpkins we could find.

Step 2: Harvest all damaged vegetables and all plants in this area for the pigs. We filled several wagon loads of plants and damaged vegetables, and gave them to the pigs. They were very excited to eat them.

Step 3: Mow down remaining vegetation and rake it up for the pigs. We ran the mower over the area several times and recouped all the vegetation we could to give to the pigs.

Step 4: Next year, don't plant in this area using the same method from last year hoping for different results. Do something different in this area. Our plan is to come up with something different for this area. We don't know what it will be, but we will try something new.

When catastrophes come it is easy to blame yourself. You must remember to pick yourself up and keep going even if you are hot and tired. Try something new. Life is a great experiment to find out what works for you.

Have a happy homesteading day and remember to rub some dirt on it!


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