Saving Jalapeño Seeds

Ahh! The jalapeño. Our favorite pepper is the jalapeño. This growing season we have had an abundance of jalapeños. We have been eating so many jalapeño poppers, practically with every meal! We've actually have mounds of that hot vegetable. Every day more become ripe on the vine! Our favorite way to preserve jalapeños is by dehydrating. Here is a post I wrote about drying jalapeños a few years back.

Dehydrating Jalapeños

This year we decided to save the jalapeño seeds. Saving jalapeño seed is quite simple. 

Saving Jalapeño Seeds

We found a video that goes well into depth about the art of saving 
jalapeño seeds.

An important thing to remember when working with a lot of hot peppers is that you wear gloves, wash your hands afterwards, and not to touch your face.

Remember to store the seeds in an airtight container and label the seeds. Keep the seeds dry and cool.

Have a happy seed saving and homesteading day!


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