Saving Green Bean Seeds

This season we have enjoyed green beans fresh from the garden. We've basically been eating them sauteed in olive oil with fresh herbs. We've also had them in omelettes and stir fries. 

After eating them quite regularly, we have also dehydrated them as well to use later in the year. Read this post if you are interested in how we dehydrated them.

We've enjoyed them so much that we decided to save green bean seeds for replanting next season.

Saving green bean seeds is a simple process. The green bean pods can be left on the plant until they are brown and dried or you can simply put the pods in a dry place in the greenhouse or your own house to dry on their own. After the pods have turned brown and become brittle you have 2 options. One option is to open the pods up and pull out the beans. Another option is to leave the beans in the pods until you get ready to plant them.  Either way, store the beans in a cool, dry spot until the next planting season. Be sure to label them.

Have a happy seed saving and homesteading day!


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