Make Your Own Beet Juice

We know that drinking beet juice has many benefits. Some benefits include lower blood pressure and detoxifying the liver. If you want to read more about drinking beet juice benefits, read this article by Joan Lunden

Growing your own beets, helps make beet juice even more special! 
Homegrown Beets

We make our beet juice really basic.

1. We clean the beet root and cut off the tops and the roots. If the beets are exceptionally large we cut them into pieces. Don't discard the beet tops! You can make a salad with the stems and leaves.

2. We place the beets into a pot of water. We add just enough water to barely cover the beets.

3. We cook the beets until they are soft.

4. We pour the beets and water into a blender and blend until smooth.

5. We chill the beet juice.

It is a very basic recipe. We enjoy it cold. It is especially nice because we know it has a lot of health benefits!

Homemade Beet Juice

Happy homesteading!


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