How to Make A Quilt Bathmat

I made my very own recycled material quilt bathmat. Here is a photo of the finished product!

DIY Recycled Quilt Bathmat

I am currently remodeling and furnishing another house on my property. This property, Gibson House, needed a bathmat. Since this house is set in the country near a creek and forest trails, I want the house to have a country feel, but I am also frugal by nature and necessity so I decided to make a bathmat out of materials I already have on hand. 

I found a great bathmat idea on another blog, Montessori by Hand. Here is the tutorial link, so you can make your own. 

It was very easy to make. This is how I made mine.

1. I located all of the material I wanted to use. My goal was not to buy anything for this project. I used material I already had and I also used an old shirt as material as well. I made sure the material also complemented each other as well as the paint color of the walls in the bathroom.

2. I  found a terry cloth towel that I wanted to use as my backing. I knew this would be the size of my bathmat.

3. I measured the bathmat and decided that I would make 5 rows of quilt squares. I then made a 5 inch by 5 inch square on a sturdy folder and cut it out to use as a template for my quilt squares. You can make your quilt squares any size you want.

4. I then began cutting out all my quilt squares using the template. 

5. I then arranged the squares on my towel to see if I liked the arrangement or if I needed to cut more material to fill in the gaps. 

Arrange Your Quilt Squares
You can notice that most of my squares, I cut 5 by 5 and a few I cut 10 by 5 to add more interest to the design.

6. I then took each row and began on one end and sewed the squares together.To do this I put the 2 right sides together and iron them flat. I then took it to my sewing machine and sewed them together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I then took the sewed pieces back to the ironing board and iron the seam allowance flat to one side. 

Here is a video that explains seam allowance.

7. You will keep adding a quilt square to your previously sewn piece using the procedure in step 6 until your whole row of quilt squares are sewn together.

8. Once you have all rows sewn, then you will sew the rows together. Take 2 rows to the ironing board with the right sides facing each other and run a hot iron over them. Then take them to the sewing machine and sew them together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Next, sew the rows together.

9. Repeat step 8 until all of the rows are sewn together.

10. Now it's time to sew your quilt to the terry cloth towel. Pin the quilt to the towel.

Place sewn quilt to the terry cloth towel backing.

Sew the quilt to the backing by sewing in the ditch of the rows. Here is a video that explains on what sewing in the ditch means.

11. After stitching the quilt to the back it is time to finish the project by adding a trim to the edge. I basically cut strips of a material. I took the material to my ironing board and turned down the edges of the material and ironed them. I then took the material to the sewing machine and sewed the edges.

12. Last step! I then sewed the edge to my quilt to bind it and give it a finished look. Here is the finished project once again.
DIY Recycled Quilt Bathmat

If you are a novice sewer like me, do not get caught up in getting everything just perfect. Just enjoy sewing and you will gain experience with each project. I see some mistakes in my finished project, but I will still proudly display it in the bathroom, because I did it myself out of materials I had on hand. 

Happy sewing and homesteading day!


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