Growing Garlic, Garlic Benefits & How to Store Garlic

Garlic from the Garden

We already know that garlic packs a bucketful of health benefits from its phytochemical content which helps in lowering cholesterol, fighting cancer, and promotes a healthy heart. To learn more about the benefits of garlic, click the following link.

The good news is that you can easily grow garlic from a bulb you buy from the grocery store or seed store. You simply break off the individual cloves of the garlic bulb and plant in the ground.
Store Garlic in a Basket with Good Air Circulation at Room Temperature

Here is a quick video to help you learn more information about planting garlic at home.

After harvesting our garlic this season, we stored it in our pantry at room temperature in a hanging basket. Make sure the basket has enough holes in it on the bottom to encourage air circulation. Garlic needs air circulation to avoid mold growth.

The Garlic Basket Stored in Our Pantry

Now we have this season's garlic ready and within easy reach to add to our cooking. We will be saving a few bulbs to plant again next season in the garden.

Have a great garlic growing season and happy homesteading!



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