Everydayness of a Homestead Life

March 6th was our last day at work. We are school teachers and we happily went on our spring break with a list of things to do around our farm. Little did we know that we would not return to finish off the school year.  It has been five months since we’ve worked outside of the farm.

At the beginning it was exciting to have extra time off to get things done on our to-do list. Then next panic set in as we realized the seriousness of the pandemic. We frantically planted extra vegetables and took extra care of the farm animals as we began to realize how much more dependent we would be on them to feed us.

As time has worn on our everyday life has become ordinary. Our everydayness begins with a jolt of coffee. Most days we have coffee outdoors and enjoy the cool breeze while we talk and plan our day. Lately though it has been so hot and humid even in the early mornings that we are forced to drink our coffee indoors.

Lately, our days have consisted of my husband welding gates and putting up fences either around the pasture or near the house. I clean the house, do the dishes and hang up laundry to dry on the clothes line. Afterwards, I tend to the garden. I am either weeding it, cutting grass, planting more seeds, or harvesting the ripe crops. Once I bring the crops in, I have to begin preserving them for later use. I have been canning, freezing, and dehydrating food for winter use. I also have been making lots of meals out of the fresh fruit and vegetables we have picked. Our days usually end with the feeding of the chickens, gathering eggs, feeding pigs and cows, and of course, bringing in the clothes that dried outside during the day.

On special occasions our adult children have came to visit. Their visits remind us of when they were young and still lived at home. It seemed like that time was just yesterday, but time marches on and doesn’t stop for no one or for nothing.

On other special occasions we get to go out on the lake on the boat and swim. We also go fishing in the pond that is in our yard. My husband catches catfish and I fry them with corn meal and make French fries on the side.        

I do miss our pre-pandemic life. I miss talking and laughing with other people. I miss listening to live music while drinking a glass of wine. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get that life back.

I turned fifty during the pandemic. Fifty hit me a little hard. I did not accomplish all I had wanted to nor did I meet all of my goals I set for myself. Goals I thought I would reach before turning fifty. But I am reminded that usually life is a long journey. Sometimes the unknown is more exciting than what we planned for ourselves.

Another milestone is coming up. My husband and I have been together for thirty two years. He was nineteen and I was eighteen when we first started dating. Wow! What babies we were so long ago.

I am writing this as I sit in my backyard. It is after eight in the evening. The shadows are starting to become darker and a cool breeze is blowing. My husband is about thirty feet from me welding some sort of contraption. I need to go feed the animals, bring in the laundry, and cook supper. Today we are having ribs and squash. My husband is probably sick of squash. We have it practically every day. Who knew squash would produce so much!

Hopefully, we will be in bed by eleven and up tomorrow morning to enjoy another cup of coffee. We hope you all are having a good summer and we wish you good health and happiness.


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