Saving Cilantro Seeds

If you are like us, your cilantro has already gone to seed before you were able to use it all. Don't fret. It is a good thing! In the photo below you can see our cilantro in a container in the background and in the foreground is the cilantro that has gone to seed. 
Cilantro Gone to Seed

So what can you do with cilantro seeds or coriander? One thing is to save it and replant it for more cilantro. You don't have to ever buy cilantro seeds again and can keep cilantro growing in your herb garden! 

Another thing you can do with cilantro seeds is to cook with them. You can use them on top of a fresh salad, soups, cooking meat, and use it to pickle foods. You can even use it to make coriander tea! Here is a recipe video.

So now that you know you can use coriander in the garden and in the kitchen, let's get to collecting and saving coriander! Here is a great video to show you how to do it step-by-step.

Happy seed collecting day and happy homesteading!


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