How to Get Rid of Caterpillars in the Garden

When we noticed our cabbage leaves with holes, we knew we had a problem. A common chewing leaf insect is a caterpillar. This particular caterpillar problem was due to the green cabbage looper, which is born from eggs laid by a moth. 

Not only did we have an infestation of the green cabbage looper, but we had other colored catepillars as well. Caterpillars laid by butterflies. These insects were having a buffet in my cabbage plants!

Here is a video on how to identify pests and problems in your garden.

How can you get rid of these chewing insects, so that you can enjoy your vegetables?

1. Get rid of all holey and infested leaves. Do not compost them! We will give our leaves to our pigs.

2. Remove good leaves you can eat. Wash and clean the leaves you are going to cook and eat. Leave some leaves on the plant for photosynthesis to take place!

3. Wash the plants with your water hose.

4. Spray plants with Neem Oil spray or a smothering insect oil.

5. Water in water soluble fertilizer. 

How to Make Neem Oil, Smothering Insect Oil and Fungicide Sprays:

Have a great homesteading day!


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