How to Dehydrate Peas for Easy Food Storage

In June our gardening efforts begin to really pay off from all the planting we did in late winter and early spring. We are harvesting food daily as soon as they are ripe to eat. We are blessed to have food in an excess at this moment, but we know it is only temporary. Now our thoughts turn into, how do we store our food for year around consumption?

During harvesting time we keep a food dehydrator on our kitchen counter. Dehydrating is an easy way to preserve your food harvest. You can either buy one or make your own. If you want to see the food dehydrator my father-in-law made, click here at Make Your Own Food Dehydrator

We have dehydrated many foods in the past. Some include:
 MushroomsTomatoesCranberriesApplesPearsOkraJalapenos, and Onions. Click on the blue links to find detailed information on how we dehydrated each one.

This week our new dehydrated food item is peas. We love peas! We can even eat them raw right off of the pea vine! Our peas had a good season, not great, but good. 
Steps to Dehydrating Peas
1. Harvest peas from the vine.

2. Rinse off the peas.

3. Prepare the peas by removing ends and the string. I do it by hand. If you need an example of how to do this, watch this video.

You can either compost the ends and strings or give it to your livestock to eat.

4. Water blanch the peas. Water blanching is done by filling a large pot two thirds full of water, cover and bring to a rolling boil. Add the peas in a metal basket and submerge for 3 minutes. 

5. Cool the peas. After 3 minutes of blanching, remove the peas and dip them into a large bowl of cold water. 

6. Drain the peas.

7. Place peas on dehydrator tray. To keep the small peas from falling through the dehydrator tray, use wax paper. Just cut the wax paper to the shape of the tray and add the peas on top of the wax paper. 

8. Peas take about 8-10 hours to dehydrate. 

Here is our finished product. We will keep adding more dehydrated peas throughout the season.

Dried Peas

A book that we use as a reference on how to preserve food is So Easy to Preserve.  Click on the book title to find out how to order it. You can also order the DVD demonstrations if you would like to see the food preservation techniques in action. 

Have a happy homesteading day! Good luck in your food preservation day!


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