Harvesting & Storing Onions

This season I had a great crop of onions! The bulbs were big and they taste absolutely delicious!

My Onions

I harvested about 20 onions. I have other onions still growing. This year I staggered my plantings. Staggered planting is planting the same plants or seeds on different dates throughout the season, so that you can enjoy a longer period of fresh vegetables. This is helpful, especially for homesteaders, so that you can eat from the garden longer, it allows you to harvest a vegetable and replant a new crop to maximize your garden's output, you don't use all of your garden space for one crop and thus can grow a variety of plants, and it makes harvesting easier by not being overwhelmed by a big crop that must be harvested and stored.

How to harvest and store onions can sometimes be tricky. Do you know when to harvest your onions? Do you know how to store onions so they last as long as possible? Here is a great video to help you.

Homesteaders, have fun in harvesting your food and good eating!


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