Harvesting Beets & Growing More Beet Leaves

We love beets! They are easy to grow and harvest. To grow them we scattered the seeds on the soil and water them in. In a few short weeks we had beets.


 To harvest them we pulled them out of the ground and cut off the tops. And then we would cut the stems off of the tops.
Beet Stems & Tops

We then cut up the stems and leaves into pieces. We put olive oil in a cast iron skillet and put the beet stems and leaves into the skillet. We also added garlic leaves, salt, and pepper to taste. We cooked the leaves until they wilted and were warm. They were delicious!

Delicious Beet Stems & Leaves

To grow another batch of beet leaves for another delicious warm salad, we put the beet tops in a dish with a small amount of water.

Regrow Beet Leaves

After a week this is what they look like.

Beet Leaves Growing from Beet Top

We love the fact we can regrow beets from kitchen scraps! We will be transplanting them out to the garden soon. Here is a great video on how to grow and harvest beet greens.

Have a happy and productive homesteading day!


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