Butter Making Tips

Making homemade butter is an easy and rewarding task. For a step-by-step on how to make butter visit my previous post at Easy Homemade Butter.

Today I am sharing tips on how to make butter.

1. Fill your jar only half full. The cream needs plenty of room to churn properly.

2. Let the cream come to room temperature before you churn it. Warm cream takes less time to turn into butter.

3. To prevent the jar of cream from leaking as you shake it, use either a canning jar with a 2 piece lid or put plastic wrap over the mouth of the jar before adding a 1 piece lid.

4. Cover your butter to keep it fresh and from taking in other food odors.

Once you have mastered making butter you will want to proceed on making butter with different natural flavoring added. I love herb butter and it is simple to make as well. Here I share how I make it Homemade Herb Butter

Tips on making herb butter.

1. Use fresh herbs.

2. Rinse off herbs and pat dry.

3. Remove herb stems.

4. Cut the herbs into small pieces.

Enjoy your homemade butter and have a happy homesteading day!


  1. This is the best way to separate cream and make herb butter.. Very nice.. Also, you can use dairy machines such as Cream Separator for this.. This will enhance productivity.


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