Adding Essential Oils to Laundry

A great way to add scent to laundry is to use essential oils. I love to dry my laundry outside, but I also love the smell of essential oils. To give my laundry a boost I make my own dryer sheets.

To give my freshly laundered clothes a boost of good smell, I use a piece of cloth doused with a few drops of essential oil. You can use as few or as many drops as you desire. You can also use any scent you prefer.

When drying your clothes, toss your homemade dryer sheet into your clothes dryer and dry your clothes as normal. After drying my clothes outside, I often give them a short 10 minute spin in the dryer to soften the clothes. This is when I toss in my homemade dryer sheet. It adds a great fragrance booster to my laundry!


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