Weeding the Garden

One of the worst, in my opinion, gardening chores is weeding! I hate it! I loathe it! I get hot, sweaty, and itchy. Weeding is hard and tedious.

I know weeding is essential for a good garden. Weeds most be controlled because they compete with the plants that you want to grow. They compete for water and nutrients. I must get rid of the weeds, so that my plants can grow better. 

What is a weed? A weed is basically anything you don't want growing in your garden. To find out more what makes a weed a weed.

Ways to Control Weeds

1. Use mulch.

2. Space plants closer together.

3. More ways to control weeds by the Farmer's Almanac.
When is the best time to weed your garden? Anytime you have a chance or when you can trick kids into helping you. For me, the best time to weed is after a good rain. After a rain the soil has loosen up and the weeds are easier to pull up out of the ground with the roots intact. 

View the video below on how to weed like a pro.

After pulling weeds, I give them to my pigs. They love them! 

My husband and I like to also cut fresh grass for our pigs. They often prefer it! 

Cutting grass around our home is one of our normal chores. Instead of letting the grass lie on the ground, we rake it up and feed it to our pigs. It's free feed packed with nutrients!

Our pigs are born and bred on our farm. This means they are on our farm from the day they are born until they are slaughtered by us to feed our family. We slaughter our pigs humanely and butcher them here on our homestead. 

We do sell extra piglets when we have them. We usually sell them at 8 weeks of age. That is when we wean them from their mom.

Have a happy and productive homesteading day!


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