How to Grow Mint from a Cutting

We love mint! Mint is so easy to grow and take care of. We grow mint in containers in our herb garden which is located right outside our back door, near our kitchen. 

Our Mint Growing in Container

Mint is also easy to propagate by taking stem cuttings. A stem cutting is basically taking a piece of stem from a plant to grow more plants. It is a frugal way to get more plants without purchasing them! To learn more about mint, click here at We loved the following video on how to grow mint from a cutting. It is simple and informative!

 We have our mint stem cuttings in our greenhouse. Hopefully they will root soon and we can plant them in containers out in our backyard. Once you have your mint rooted, now it's time to plant it out in the garden. Here is a video that delivers 5 tips on how to grow mint in your garden. 


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