Homemade Clotted Cream

Sometimes, I feel like eating fancy, but not expensive. It's more like frugal fancy. I love, simply love cheese and cheese making and my husband loves tasting and trying out my new recipes. So it's a win, win situation. Today we saw a travel show about  a couple traveling in Europe and enjoying a scone topped with clotted cream. I was not sure what clotted cream was, but it looked delicious! Delicious enough for me to make my own clotted cream. 

So, what is clotted cream? Here is some information to answer that question. https://www.ohhowcivilized.com/afternoon-tea-101-clotted-cream-and-devonshire-cream/

Since I was not too sure on how this would turn out, I decided to make a small batch. I poured a bit of heavy whipping cream into an oven safe ramekin dish and placed into the oven.

Heavy Whipping Cream

I set the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I put it in at 7 in the morning and it will be ready at 7 in the evening. This is what it looked like after 12 hours in the oven.

After taking it out, I  moved it to the fridge, covered it with plastic wrap, and let it cool overnight. This is it the next morning.

I had it for breakfast on a bagel. I wish it had been a scone, but I didn't have time to bake. It was delicious!

Here is a video on how to make clotted cream.

If you have made your clotted cream, then now all you need is something to spread it on. How about a scone? Here is my very own simple homemade biscuit & scone mix at https://www.grit.com/food/recipes/sconebiscuit-mix-zb0z1901.
Homemade Biscuit & Scone Mix


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