Restocking the Catfish Pond

The Bounty of Fishing For Our Supper
We love catfish and we especially love fishing for our supper. Fishing is a great family activity that is fun and gives us a sense of self- reliance. We share one of our best experiences fishing a few years back in the link below.

It is always a thrill to catch a fish!

Many people in Texas as well as other parts of the country enjoy fishing and eating the fish they catch. When I was a kid eating fish was a treat! I have always enjoyed it. I guess, at least in my opinion, it gives me a chance to slow down, sit alongside a pond or a river, cast a line in, and see if anything bites. I'm out in nature feeling the breeze and just enjoying a slow moment in life. In the blog post below I talk about feeding my family fish.

When times were tough a lot of my ancestors would go fishing and bring home " a mess of fish" to feed the family. A lot of older people who grew up in the Great Depression related times when fishing was how they were able to eat a "square meal". If you are interested in how Americans ate during the Great Depression listen to this podcast.

Fried Fish for Supper!

It is now the time of the year that we think about fishing. This year we needed to restock our pond. We made a pond a few years back out of a creek bed that wound among oak trees in our front yard. To see a snippet of our pond building process, click on this link.

Our Pond Right After We Built It

After building our pond, we added catfish and minnows to our new pond. To see how we did this click on this link below.

This year we made a video of us adding catfish to the pond. Please see click below to see it.

Once the catfish has grown a bit. It is time to go fishing. I wrote a post about the 8 steps to cleaning catfish for Grit Magazine. You can view it here.

May you have a nutritious fish supper soon and enjoy catching your own supper!


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