Planting Cantaloupe

We planted cantaloupes a few days ago by direct seeding them in the garden. My husband tilled up a plot of sunny land in front of the house and I planted 3 seeds in each hole about one inch deep. I planted each group of seeds about three feet apart, so that the cantaloupes would have enough room to spread about. Cantaloupes have sprawling vines. 


To kind of give you a sense of the sprawling nature and the growth of cantaloupes, I decided to share this video with you. 

Cantaloupes need a sunny spot and need a lot of water, but not so much that the soil is waterlogged. Also, they will need compost or fertilizer to get all the nutrients they need to grow well. Another consideration for cantaloupes is that sometimes the cantaloupe will rot on the side that is directly touching the ground. To keep that from happening put hay or mulch under the cantaloupe once it starts growing. 

Happy cantalouping!


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