How to Grow Bush Green Beans in 5 Simple Steps

Growing bush green beans is a pretty simple process and almost foolproof. It really can't be any simpler than put bean in ground, wait a few days, and out it sprouts. But in case you are having difficulty growing  green beans in your area or you would like more directions let me add a few more specifics.

Green Beans about 12 Days Old

1. Before planting green beans clean up the soil by taking out weeds and making sure the soil is not compacted and hard. If the soil is compacted, break it up with a hoe or metal rake.

2. In the spring, after danger of frost has passed, you can sow green beans directly in the ground. Place the bean in the ground about 1 inch deep and 1-2 inches apart. The ground must be kept moist to help the bean sprout faster. It takes about 10 days for green beans to germinate.

3. Once, the bush green beans are growing you may add more compost or fertilize them to give them nutrients to grow well.

4. Once the beans are growing, you will need to water them regularly if they do not receive adequate rain to keep them growing and producing well.

5. Green beans are ready to pick once they are the size of a small thin crayon. To harvest the green bean you will need to put one hand on the vine and the other on the green bean and pull gently so that you will not damage the plant. If you let the green beans get too big, they will be tough to eat.

Watch Green Beans Growing


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