How to Fix Barbed Wire Fence

I live in a tornado and severe storm area of Texas. When you couple that with living in a rural area it often means surviving long periods without having electricity. And that's exactly how life has been since about 2:30 in the morning.

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We had a loud and strong storm with straight line winds come roaring through East Texas, which created a lot of mess. We have down power lines and huge trees that buckled under the force of the wind. The storm also carried a bunch of rain that it dropped on us at once, so the ground is a sopping mess as well.

After powerful storms we have to check for damage to the barn or animal fencing, so I tracked around the 50 acre perimeter looking for problem areas. I could hear the roar of the neighbor's chainsaw tackling their own disasters.

The video below shows how to temporarily fix a down fence in an emergency.

Thank goodness I only had 2 trees down on the fence. My husband spent a few hours with his chainsaw cleaning up the tangled branches and repairing the fence. We were blessed not to have any cattle escape the pasture due to toppled fences.

For a more permanent fix for down pasture fence, see the video below.


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