Why I Want to Collect Rainwater?

It has been raining quite a bit lately in East Texas that we've even had some local flooding a few times. I have learned not to complain about having too much rain because soon enough it will stop and it won't rain for quite awhile.

I wish I could somehow save some of that rainwater for use when it was in surplus and re-use it instead of  using tap water. I want to use the rainwater for watering my plants. One reason I would like to collect rainwater is that plants grow better with rainwater versus tap water. Rainwater doesn't have the chlorine that tap water does. Another reason is that it would help me save a bit of money on my water bill.  When I have to water using tap water I am conscious of the price of water and don't tend to soak the plants long enough to get them thoroughly watered. Lastly, harvesting rainwater would allow me to be more self-sufficient and be more responsible with our natural resources.

Our town is hosting a rain barrel workshop on March 14, 2020. The cost is $20. We will be putting  together our own rainwater harvesting system that works with our rain gutters to help us harvest rainwater. If you live in the East Texas area come join us!



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