Second Chance Houseplants

I accidentally left a couple of houseplants outside on the front porch of our cabin when we had our first freeze. As soon as I discovered it I quickly put them inside the house, but as time wore on they were looking worse for the wear. I took them out of their pot and quickly realized that the freeze was only part of the problem. They also seriously had outgrown their pot. The roots were growing in a circle and so compacted. The poor things had been so neglected!

In an attempt to save them, I cut off the leaves that were affected by the freezing weather. I also made 4 cuts into the mass of circling roots. I found a bigger pot and replanted them adding more fresh potting soil. Lastly, I watered them thoroughly and will keep them indoors  until the danger of our last frost passes. I am happy to report they are doing great!
Step 1- Give the plant a haircut by cutting off affected leaves.

Step 2- Make 4 cuts into the mass of roots.
Step 3- Repot into a bigger container, add potting soil, and water.


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