Saving Piglets

Last night before going to bed we checked on a sow that was expecting her first litter of piglets. She looked like she was about to pop with such a big belly. By looking at her, I knew she would have her piglets sometime during the night.
Saving a Piglet

Sure enough by morning, she had 6 piglets, but only 5 made it to this evening. That's how it is at times with piglets; sometimes there are loses. We found one away from the mom and the other piglets who were busy having their lunch of milk. The alone piglet was barely moving. In an effort to save him, we scooped him up, wrapped him in an old clean towel, and took him inside the house, so that he would be warm. We tried to bottle feed him with a bit of Nurse All. Nurse All is a milk replacer for farm animals. Unfortunately, he only lived for a few hours. We buried him out near the barn.

Our Precious Rosy

It is not always a failure. A couple of weeks ago, we were able to save another piglet by keeping her warm and using a baby bottle filled with Nurse All. She was born on November 6th. She is now about 3 weeks old. She is growing fast! She thinks we are her parents. We even named her Rosy because of her pink rosy nose. She follows us around the farm as we do our chores. We are still bottle feeding her and hope to get her on solid food soon. She loves being scratched.


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