Make Your Own Food Dehydrator

On a recent visit with my father-in-law, he showed me his food dehydrator he made to preserve his extra vegetables.

The bottom part of the food dehydrator is made of recycled metal pieces that were shaped and cut to fit the opening of an electric space heater.

The top of the base of the food dehydrator is a pizza pan with a hole cut into it.
The food dehydrator trays are separated by pvc and the tray is made of recycled screen.
You can make as many trays as you need to dehydrate your food.

The food dehydrator trays are then encased by a large pot with the bottom cut out, so that it can slip over the trays. Then the lid of the large pot tops off the food dehydrator.
The creativity to make your own gadgets is fantastic! I wish everyone could be such an inventor!


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