Second Run Fruit Wines

Have you ever used the must from a finished primary fermentation to make a batch of second run wine? Well, I have and it is a fantastic way to get a bit of extra wine out of your homegrown fruit!
Gomez Family Farm Homemade Organic Wine

Making a second run wine is simple to do. The rule of thumb that we use is 1/2 of the original recipe with all the remaining pulp. We have started with 6 gallons then the second run was 3 gallons. Basically take whatever fruit is left from the first batch of making wine, and add water and sugar following your original recipe by halving the ingredients.  Measure and adjust your acidity. Finally, mix it well to oxygenate and pitch yeast.

For us, second run wines tend to yield a lighter and sweeter tasting product than the first run wine, which is great for sipping on hot summer nights!


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