Preserve your Harvest with a Food Dehydrator

           Now that spring is in full swing and I have gotten my seeds and plants in the ground, it is now time for me to locate my countertop food dehydrator and make sure it is in good working order.  Dehydrating food is a great method of preserving food. Dehydration removes the moisture from food and increases the shelf life of food without refrigeration.
Dehydrating my Garden Harvest

            You can use a countertop dehydrator to dry lots of food. I have dehydrated apples, okra, onions, cranberries, zucchini,  and pears.  I have even dried jalapeños, bell peppers and tomatoes.
Dried Veggies

            Drying foods are super simple, frugal, and nourishing for my family. A great reference book that I use to help guide me to effective and safe food drying is So Easy to Preserve.

So Easy to Preserve


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