Planting Roses

We are still getting quite a few cold and rainy days with freezing nights in my part of Texas. I have just barely starting working on my spring garden. The weather has put me a bit behind.

One of the plants I'd like to add to my landscape are roses. Roses are just absolutely gorgeous! I live in a city that is known as the "Rose Capital of Texas". We have a rose museum and a rose garden. The rose garden is a beautiful setting to stroll through and get ideas for your own home garden or landscape. If you are ever in East Texas I recommend that you visit the Rose Capital of Texas.

I recently ordered 12 bare root roses from Home Depot, which sells Texas roses from Mea Nursery. I received the roses in great condition! The roses had green, thick, healthy-looking stalk. I am looking forward to getting them in the ground. I am planting them around my cabin in addition to planting them at the end of the rows of my grape vines and blackberry vines.

Roses are quite easy to plant and to maintain. I am going to follow the rose planting directions from an Extension Landscape Horticulturist from Texas A&M University. 

The basic directions for planting roses: 

  • Find a spot that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight.
  • Prepare the soil.
  • If planting bare root roses, let roses soak its roots in water 12 hours before planting.
  • Dig planting holes 1-2 feet deep, depending on the length of the roots.
  • Space roses 2-3 feet apart.
  • Cover roots with soil and water well.
Here is a photo of one of my favorite roses I have growing on my farm.

My Favorite Rose Growing on My Farm~Texas Pioneer Woman


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