Drying Garden Vegetables

This summer I have been busy drying or dehydrating my garden vegetables to set aside for the winter. I figured it might come in handy for several reasons.

One, it does not require refrigeration, which is handy since this wet and stormy summer I have been losing electricity on almost a weekly basis. When the power goes out in the country it is usually for several hours if not overnight.

Second, it is light weight and very portable. Canning jars can be heavy and you have to be careful not to break them.

When I first starting drying food, I was very precise to follow the estimated drying times and only drying one type of vegetable at a time. A book I used to help me dry foods is called, So Easy to Preserve which is written and distributed by the Cooperative Extension, The University of Georgia.

Now when drying food, I just pop whatever I want to dry in my dehydrator and check it 2-4 times a day. When it looks dry I take it out and put in an airtight container.

My goal this summer after I have all my vegetables dried is to make up mixed vegetable soup packets from my dried veggies. That way I can have portable and easy to access food that does not require refrigeration. I plan to store them in my RV to use while boon docking!

Have a wonderful summer preserving your garden bounty!


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