The Last of the Busy Winter Days

We've been busier than a bee trying to get the last bit of our winter chores done before the official start of spring.

We meant to slaughter our steer earlier after the start of the new year, but we got behind because we spent a few of our Texas cold days doing some pig slaughtering.
This is one of the pigs we slaughtered. He was probably about 300 pounds.

Here is the pig ready to be cut up and packaged  to go in the freezer.
If you would like some more information about slaughtering and butchering a pig, see the links below.

We estimate that the steer we butchered this week weighed about a 1000 pounds. We have him aging in our refrigerators. We will let him age for about 10-14 days till we butcher him so he can develop a nicer flavor.
He was so big that we had to put the tractor on ramps to get the steer off the ground.

We got him cleaned up and he is ready to hang in the refrigerator and age for a bit.
If you would like some more information about slaughtering and butchering a cow, see the link below.

Besides slaughtering the steer we planted our cool weather spring crops. We planted spinach, broccoli, onions, potatoes and carrots.
These red potatoes are ready to be planted. 
Well now that tomorrow is officially spring, I know that things are going to get even busier as we try to get our garden planted so we can have fresh vegetables and fruit to feed our family.

Farming is a laborious way to make a living and to feed our family, but it amazing to know how to take care of our family needs with our own hands and relying on the skills that we have learned over the years.


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