Simple Seasonal Decorations

This year I opted for simple seasonal decorations for my little home in the country. The main reason for the simplicity is because I am so busy with other obligations and because I feel a pull back to just simplifying my life. I want and whom am I kidding I need for this holiday season to not be so hectic.

To help lessen the hecticness of this holiday season I decided to put up simple decorations. My simple decorations included garland wrapped with white Christmas lights which I displayed inside my house around my fireplace, doorways and windows. It fills the house with warm glowing light.

I also have the house filled with wonderful
classical Christmas music playing in the
background. The music fills the air with hope
and envelops us with calmness.

I also made simple centerpieces for the dining
table by filling mason jars with Christmas balls.

I also laid decorated pine cones on the table top to add a little more interest to the centerpieces.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful
holiday season filled with peace, love,
happiness, and security.


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