How to Make Mint Tea

Mint tea is an easy to make simple beverage that is also good for you too. Mint is easy to grow. Once you have it established in your herb garden, it is almost next to impossible to get rid of it. Mint has the potential to take over the whole herb garden. I would suggest that you grow mint in its own container or raised bed.
          Mint has a wonderful flavor and taste that is easily adaptable into a hot or cold beverage. I love drinking it cold in the summer to cool me off and I also love drinking it in the winter hot from a mug, while I’m curled up with a good book or crochet project.
          Mint tea has good qualities. It has been known to ease an upset stomach, lower anxiety, relieve headaches, soothe coughs and sore throats, and it’s even been known to provide sinus relief.
          Making a pot of mint tea is simple. I make a gallon at a time for my family. I simply fill a large pot with good drinking water and put on the stove to simmer. I head out to the garden and snip off stems of mint. I fill my colander full of mint leaves and stems. You will have to determine for yourself how much mint you need for your own tea. There is no set amount to follow; it is made to taste. Obviously the stronger you like it, the more mint you need to add.

          I then run my colander full of mint leaves and stems under cool running water to remove any possible debris.

Afterwards I add the mint leaves and stems to the steamy pot of water. I bring the water to a boil and then turn off the heat. I let the mint steep in the water for a couple of hours. I like my mint tea strong.

The longer it steeps, the stronger the mint flavor is and the darker the color of the beverage. If you like a lighter mint flavor then just let it steep for 15 minutes.

          After it cools, I strain off the mint leaves into a gallon pitcher. At this point I can decide if I like it with or without sugar. 1 cup of sugar to a gallon of mint tea makes a real sweet treat; whereas a half cup of sugar is just about right for me. I also like it all natural without sugar. It just depends on the day. Mint tea can also be sweetened with honey as well. 


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