Feeding the Family: Pork

We butchered our last hog last February. When all the kids were still at home we butchered both a cow and a pig each year. In the years when we did not have a cow to butcher we would butcher 5 hogs. Pork kept our family fed. We had ribs, pork chops, and steaks throughout the summer and in the winter we had roasts and pork stew.

                Pigs can be kept in a pen or in a pasture. I like for my pigs to have access to a pasture, but not be in the pasture 24 hours a day. Pigs can be hard on a pasture by rooting up the pasture and creating large holes. They eat the roots of plants and can quickly leave a pasture with nothing but the dirt showing.

                Pigs will need supplemental feed of grains such as corn, wheat, or oats. Also they will need alfalfa meal, protein, and access to a salt and mineral block. Along with the feeding costs we have to vaccinate against diseases and castrate male pigs.

                Pork is my favorite meat because you can get a lot more edible meat out of the live weight at slaughter time. If you use every part of a pig except the squeal, you’ve used everything.
                Here are some helpful links of when I butcher my pigs:


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