Feeding the Family: Fish

We made a catfish pond a couple of years back by digging out our spring fed creek.  Lately, with all the rain, it has been a real chore. We had to pull out the 1 culvert and install 2 extra-large culverts. Then we had another monsoon and had to then pull out the remaining dirt and encase the culverts in brick and concrete. The dam held for the next monsoon event, but the spillway eroded greatly, so we added rock to the spillway. Then we got almost 8 inches of rain in about 6 hours and that spillway eroded. Now we are again working on the spillway. These once in a 100 year rain events are happening 3 to 4 times a year.

                We have only stocked the pond once since we made it. We went to our local fish hatchery and bought fingerling catfish and minnows. Ever since then we have had catfish to eat. We have more time to fish in the summer, but it is easier to catch fish in the cooler weather of fall, winter and spring; especially during their spawning season of March and April. There are many types of bait, but we mainly use worms and other small fish.

                Our goal is to have a worm bin this year, so we don’t have to buy worms. We will need to find a cool and damp area for the worms. We do try to go out to the pond once a week to feed them some catfish pellet food. We do this mainly to see how many big fish there actually is and to see if there are any problems in the pond.

                We set up a fish cleaning station near the pond, which helps in getting the fish dressed for supper or ready to go in the freezer. We are in the process of updating our spillway and adding a couple of fire pits and patio areas around the pond. We hope to have it done by spring or summer at the latest.
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