Keeping Matches Safe & Dry in Your Emergency Supply Storage

Everyone knows we need matches during an emergency. They are very handy to have to light a candle to see in the dark, to light a fire to keep you warm and dry, or to cook a meal to keep your family fed. We take fire for granted until we are in an emergency situation and cannot get the fire lit because of matches that are wet or have deteriorated because of high humidity.  

          To keep my matches safe and dry in my emergency supply storage, I simply reuse an empty medicine pill container. I wash and dry the container to make sure it is clean and reusable. I add a bit of cotton on the bottom of the container and fill with matches standing on their ends. I also add a bit of the cardboard paper where I strike the matches to light them inside the container as well. I then place the lid on the container and now they will remain safe and dry until I need them.

The plastic container not only keeps the matches dry, but also keeps them from being damaged and broken while in storage. It makes them easy to locate during an emergency situation. I hope you can use this simple and easy tip.


  1. Back when I was in Scouts, I procured one of my mom's used emery boards, cut in half, and tucked it into the match safe with my strike-anywheres. If you've got safety matches, you'll need a portion of striker from the box.


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