Frugal Flower Garden Ideas

There is always a money constraint on my monthly budget. I’ve got bills just like everyone else, so I’ve got to be creative in how I stretch my money to get what I need and want. Look at my frugal flower garden ideas that I’ve done recently around my yard.
          In the photo below I used a cut tree branch to hold up a recycled birdhouse.

In the photo below I used interesting tree trunks to decorate a corner of the farmyard.

In the photo below I used stem cuttings to propagate new plants. Stem propagation is a very frugal way to get new plants. I also use container lids to help hold in water to aid in moisture retention during our dry periods. I use leftover lumber from my husband’s workshop to write sayings on to display around the farmyard.  

In the photo below I repurposed empty glass beer bottles in the flower garden to add some interest by burying the glass half-way in the soil.


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