Garden Observations

“People are turning to their gardens not to consume but to actively create, not to escape from reality but to observe it closely. In doing this they experience the connectedness of creation and the profoundest sources of being. That the world we live in and the activity of making it are one seamless whole is something that we may occasionally glimpse. In the garden, we know.”-Carol Williams

          As it is a cold and rainy day here in my corner of the woods, my thoughts turn to my garden and yard. Lots of plants are still dormant, but I know that I must begin planning and doing garden chores or risk falling behind in all I want to accomplish in having vegetables and fruits for the year to feed my family, along with landscape plants and flowers to make the farm yard a bit nicer to look at. This time of year I see the busy growing season laid out before me with great anticipation of getting things out in the garden. I think of all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables my family will pick from the garden for supper along with the abundance that I will be able to can, freeze, dehydrate, or turn into delicious jams and jellies. Oh, I can’t wait! But, I also know that about August when it is so hot and dry and I’m sweaty, exhausted and being overrun by weeds, I will want to turn the pigs into the garden and let them devour it all. Oh well, such is life.

          This year to keep myself a bit more organized I will use garden notes 

Garden notes is basically a template I made to keep myself more observant with what is growing in the garden, what needs attention, what do we want to change about the garden, and a garden to do list. My goal is to take garden walks and observations on a monthly basis, asking myself those questions. I want those questions to guide my actions in the garden. Feel free to use this template as you create and tend to your own garden.


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