Wine Glass Markers

“Crafting makes everything better…even Mondays.”

Wine bottling day is coming up this weekend. We plan on bottling 180 bottles of wine we made this summer. We will taste 7 batches of wine with a group of friends. To keep up with which wine glass belongs to which person, I decided to make homemade wine glass markers.

Because I am a frugal crafter, I decided to see what I had around the house to incorporate into the wine glass marker project. I decided to use a package of buttons I bought for fifty cents at a summer garage sale and some 24 gauge jewelry making wire my younger sister gave me a couple of years ago. An important part of wine glass markers is to make each marker distinct from one another, so it is easy to identify your wine glass.
It was super simple to make the wine glass markers.
1.     I cut the wire to about 4 inches in length with a pair of wire cutters.
2.     I laced the wire through the button holes.
3.     I then used pliers to bend a small loop of wire at each end.
4.     Lastly, I slipped the wine glass marker around the wine glass stem and connected the loops.
I hope you enjoy this simple craft product!


  1. Awe... this was the idea i needed when i made redneck wine glasses... well now i can make them as another gift... lol...

    1. I have seen redneck wine glasses. They are an adorable gift. I would love to make some as gifts for next Christmas. That was one of my New Year's Resolutions, to spend one day a month crafting my homemade gifts instead of driving myself crazy trying to finish all of my gifts one week before Christmas.

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