Make Super Easy Small Gift Boxes out of Toilet Paper Rolls

“I recycle because I like the idea of reusing things. It’s a fundamentally appealing idea.”-Cameron Waggoner

          I love the idea of reusing common everyday items. I like the frugality of it and being pushed to be more creative in coming up with ways to reuse items.

 My daughter and I have been making jewelry as Christmas gifts. After making several items we realized we needed a way to package our gifts and in the spirit of frugalness and resourcefulness we decided to use empty toilet paper rolls to make small gift boxes. It is super easy to make these gift boxes.


6 Easy Steps to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

1.     Procure toilet paper roll.

2.     Flatten roll.
3.     Use inverted drinking glass to draw a semi-circle on both sides of both ends of the paper roll.
4.     Fold one end of paper roll by pushing down along the semi-circle, overlap ends and tape it close.
5.     Fill gift box with gift and close the other end of paper roll by following step 4 again.
6.     Decorate gift box.
I hope you enjoy this simple, frugal and resourceful gift box idea!






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